Sunday, April 23, 2017

on the horizon

on the horizon

Really, Bo was certain he might be a band roadie for life. He was grateful that Keith let him tag along. He could hardly wait for every sound check before the show. And since Keith's band usually played the weekend in the tri-state area, Bo could still keep his grades up to be ready for a weekend adventure.

Sure, he had his own band, but they didn't do many gigs. Mainly, at school..once a year. His group always helped out with the LGBT concert, just because. It wasn't a paying gig, but it was the experience he needed.

After all, it was just the three of them and Barry and Andy were going off to college soon. So, Bo had all the time in the world to be a band roadie for the summer.

He guessed that's what this was about when Louis called him in one late afternoon.

"So..if you don't mind me asking, where's that girl, who's always here?" Bo winced. Of course, he knew her name. It was Gabby. And she did a lot around here, keeping the place looking so clean and nice. She'd fetch you a sandwich if you asked. Of course, he never did, but he knew how some of the band guys took advantage of her. Sometimes, she even did their laundry.

Honestly, he felt she was overworked, but she always did it with a smile.

"Oh. HER." Louis was looking over some paperwork, but he sounded as if Gabby was just ridiculous. "We had to let her go." Louis was Mr. Business, as usual.

"What?" Bo set up straight in his chair. "What did she do?" Bo's eyes lit, as if he might be her number one fan.

Louis' lips curled up as if Bo would never have to know. He pushed a contract forward.

"Um, we think you've got talent." Louis went on to say not another word about Gabby.

Bo looked at him, as if he wondered how would Louis know.

"We've had a scout out, she sees your potential." Louis assured him.

"But..but I'm only a band roadie." Bo made his own hours. He didn't multi-task like Gabby.

"Well, those days are over." Louis' smile was open as if he knew the secret of everything.

Bo looked over the record contract. They had his entire summer already scheduled with music festivals and hometown fairs, even some Universities.

Bo winced. This was serious. He pressed his lips tight, thinking it over.

"I won't do it, unless..."

"Unless what?" Louis' stern look made Bo a little nervous.

"Unless, Gabby can be my manager." Bo looked him straight in the eye. He had no idea he could handle a tour. He didn't even have a band.

"If we must." Louis said under his breath. He handed a pen over for Bo to sign a new start of everything.

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