Thursday, May 4, 2017

As luck would have it

as luck would have it

Geo hated to admit it, but he was certain he wasn't a very good piano teacher. God knows, he'd never tell Ellis that he spent the whole day with Melissa.

It was sort of fun. OK, it was really fun. They'd end up at an old piano store and had such a selection of pianos to play. All were restored and fine tuned. Of course, they didn't get very far in piano exercises.

Actually, her delicate fingers ran into his on the old piano keys, while he was showing her how to play chopsticks.

Why did this leave him so happy and yet sad? If only he had someone to share this with.

Even if he was staying at Ellis' now, he hardly ever saw him. That new guy Louis was retraining Ellis with so many tasks at the recording studio. Yes, Geo felt a little sorry for him. Geo really wanted to be depressed about it, but of course, Melissa wouldn't let him.

She would text and he'd find himself  smiling ...laughing softly, even if it was really about nothing.

Seriously, his life was changing, and he did nothing to stop it. He was letting it happen.

It was hard to say which he liked better, going places with Melissa or getting her text. And all the while, he was forgetting about his sister Alma..until she showed up one evening.

"How can you do this to me!" She was fighting mad. If they'd been home, they would have had an out right pillow fight with some high fly kicking. Neither were ever as graceful as their favorite Korean actor they'd watched in the Slave Hunters drama, but still they made an effort, even if they were definitely too old for such horseplay.

She went swinging at him with her fist like a mad dog.

Luckily, Emmett grabbed her from behind before she could smash Geo's face. Geo stared blankly at his sister who was in the midst of her fit that Emmett could hardly handle, but he held on, teeth gritting, until she settled down.

Geo's eyes lit.  How could she do such a thing in front of Emmett? After all, they both worked for him at the funeral home. Except, they were in Emmett's livingroom, not at work.

Geo didn't know what was going on. He made a quick exit, out the front door. The only place he could possibly be calm was with Melissa.