Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Out of the blue

Vada didn't think to call anyone before she got back, because..she wasn't alone.

Alo was with her.

True, they'd kept it low-key, they didn't even tell his father until they were about to board the plane. They married themselves in the woods of Colorado.

Of course, his father gave him a "how could you" look, still he wished them well and reached for his wallet, as if he had a credit card for that.

But Alo wouldn't take it. He said they would be OK. Besides, he did have his job at the University, and he would live with her and Frankie at the farm house.

"How could you keep it a secret?" Josie asked first thing when Vada finally told her a few days later. After all, there was settling in to do and Vada stopped by to see baby Allie.

"I dunno." She smiled with a shrug. "We just decided. It was time."

Josie shook her head. "But, what will your mother think? Does Frankie even know?"

"Oh." She hadn't meant to forget about him, but he was in his own world these days with traveling and work. She didn't really think he would care.

"People, are busy." Vada sighed, when she thought about it. If she let herself, she might think of herself as the worst daughter ever. Hopefully, they wouldn't be too disappointed. "I just wanted to do it and Alo wanted too. I didn't want to put anyone out. OK?"

"Or was it, you were afraid he might get deported?" Josie gave her the eye and handed her baby Allie to hold.

Vada only smiled, and shook her head, no.

As it was... Allie was not much of a baby, anymore.

"What are you feeding this kid?" Vada winced with happiness. She didn't remember Allie so strong and vibrant, and she was heavy to hold.

"Just my love, for the most part." Josie smirked as she watched them. Finally, she got out the snack canister. Allie stuck her little hand in and pulled out a little puff of cereal and put it right in her mouth.

Vada didn't remember her doing that before.

Next Josie showed Vada how Allie could stand on her own, but not for long. She was the master at crawling.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh I love seeing Vada back in the picture!