Saturday, May 13, 2017

home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Minnie listened to Josh's day.

She was beginning to think he really loved his job.

"Maybe, you should think about being a nurse now." She told him while she checked on the roast in the crockpot. They were having company. Mitch and his new bride were coming.

Of course, she did envy them a bit. They'd been on a Hawaiian Honeymoon. Then again, this Emily had won a trip where she worked. Yes, those two had to be the luckiest folks, she knew. She'd invited Omaha and Sheena too. It was going to be quite the dinner party.

Josh, just shook his head, as if he didn't have time to study. True, he was the only one bringing in the money at the moment, and they were living in Taylor and Sara's basement with two kids.

"I could look into it, for you." She was certain she could find a scholarship for him, but she had had no luck really tracking down Blackie nor her sister. For the first time, she really felt like a true orphan with only Josh to rely on. Yet, she knew she was the only person who had his back.

He looked as if they'd suffice, as if he didn't want things to come to him easily.

She thought he looked sad, and she couldn't change that about him. Even now. She told him to shower, but he went to pick up a fussy baby, instead.

She thought she saw him smile.

Minnie kept even lipped and went to peel potatoes. He was right. She was wrong. She always wanted to rush into, everything. It wasn't long until Josh came to help her with the side dishes.

"I hope Mitch won't mind." She then said. The meal was nothing fancy.

"Hey, its a home-cooked meal." Josh told her. "Everybody loves your cooking, and everyone wants to see how much Wednesday's grown."

Minnie sighed, almost teary eyed. It would be nice if Blackie thought that, at least for a second or two.