Friday, May 12, 2017

its a new day

its a new day

Draco had not had the best morning in the world. Yes, he was suppose to be at work in the Art Department at the University, but just after Macy left for work, his mother called and everything unraveled.

His mother didn't know where his father went.

Draco hightailed it to his parents. He asked if she'd called the police. His mother hesitated. She just knew he had to be somewhere in the neighborhood. Although, she wasn't sure when he left the house.

Draco was beginning to feel the unknown of his father's disease. The strokes had been light, and his dad looked to be better than ever, but he wasn't. Still, he felt certain, his mother didn't want to expect the worst. At least not yet.

So, he combed the neighborhood streets, as if he might be looking for a dog. He felt certain, they should call 911 but his mother didn't want, too.

"Its for his own safety, we have to call the cops." Draco told her, but she wouldn't budge. Didn't Draco remember, his dad worked with a lot of those cops. It was as if they had to keep his Alzheimer's a secret, from everyone..evidently. He wanted to tell her, she was being impractical. But he could see every woe on her face.

Finally, her friend called, over 3 blocks away. He'd made it to her back yard. His father was sitting out in her wooden bench swing, as if he was waiting for fireworks, perhaps.

"What are you doing here?" His dad asked Draco, once he got there. "I haven't seen you in ages, Tony." He kept going on about how he wished he had such a rad 1968 Mustang. "You, didn't sell it, did you?"

"No, I've been waiting for you to buy it." Draco went with his father's cue. "Maybe, we should go and take a look at it."

So Draco and his mother's friend took his Dad to the hospital to be checked out. It was while he was waiting for the paperwork that he got the call from Macy's phone.

Draco, felt his heart ache when he heard the news. He really wanted to be there when Macy had the baby. Instead, he rushed to the emergency room to wait for them. It wasn't long until they arrived.

Draco was amazed to see Macy so unscathed. The baby was fare with big blue eyes that looked at Draco as if he knew who he was, already.

Draco couldn't help but let a smile emerge. He looked at his watch. It was almost noon.

This adulting never took a break, he guessed, but his feet could hardly walk. Still, he managed to help get Macy and the baby settled in a hospital room. Just like with his mother, he would let Macy take the lead. After all, he loved both of them.

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