Thursday, May 11, 2017

the time is now

The time is now

Josh didn't think it could happen so quickly, but it did. Right in the coffee shop. There was no time to load the young woman up in the ambulance. That baby was coming.

He'd only seen a "crowning" in videos. After all, Minnie took forever to have Wednesday. And that was a C-section, he somehow got to witness.

Yes, this was his first delivery, and he was certain it was all wrong. After all, she had the baby in the floor.

Josh wasn't sure if it were an adrenaline rush or the thought he might pass out, if he stopped long enough. No, it was best to stay in the rhythm. It wasn't long until they had everyone headed toward the hospital.

"Call my boyfriend." The girl held on to the baby even if she were laying on the mobile bed. She told him which contact to direct dial on her Android.

"Your..your girlfriend had her baby." Josh said right away.

"What?" The voice sound a little distant.

"We're on the way to the hospital." Josh told him which medical center they were headed too.

"Great, I'm already here."

Josh smiled.

"He's waiting at the hospital." Josh told her when he got off the phone.

"Waiting for me?" She looked at him, as if that wasn't possible.  She looked back at the contact, to make sure he called who she wanted him to call.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a strange situation.