Wednesday, May 10, 2017

in the midst

in the midst

Holly had never witness anything like this in her life. She jumped aside from the growing puddle at Macy's feet. She got behind Joon, pushing him forward.

Of course, he stood their with his mouth open in shock. She grabbed his phone in his back pocket. Told him to call 911. Even after he punched the number in, he was tripping over words, trying to explain what had happened.

"I think..I think.."

"SHE'S HAVING A BABY!" Holly yelled into the phone.

Macy looked at both of them, as if they were completely wrong.

"I don't think so." Her eyes so wide, as if she might be pondering the words to a Lana Del Rey song.

"GIRL, get with the program!" Holly set her down in the nearest chair and ordered Joon to mop up the mess.

He only nodded and did as he was told.

Holly shook her head. This was why she would never have a baby. People, might see her in a panic. Of course, she was in one, right now. It was hard to keep cool when she was in the midst of a sweat.

"Are you feeling weird?" Holly wanted to know. Macy shook her head, no. But Holly knew she had to be in shock.

"Should I be disinfecting?" Joon mentioned as he seemed to be only squishing the body fluid around and around with the mop and it was going no where.

"Later." Holly winced.

He stopped moping.

"Get this done." She snapped.

He hunkered down and went back to work as if he might be her personal slave. Soon enough the ambulance arrived, and everyone made way for the medics.