Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the long wait

The Long Wait

The baby was overdue. There was a time when Macy didn't think this would bother her, but it did now.

She kept having horrific dreams that the baby didn't want to come out. He'd decided to stay in her stomach forever. Oh, the thought of having a sixty pound baby frightened her, or an unexpected liter of kittens.

"Well, I'll go in by the weekend if it doesn't happen." She told everyone on staff at the campus coffee shop. No way, was she going to stop working. She needed a pay check as long as she could. Or the fact that she hated staying in the apartment, doing nothing. She could only binge watch so much of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and Draco only watched old episodes of Mountain Men when he did have time. Usually, he was busy with all sorts of art projects. The whole month of April, he was at various Earth Day events, helping with recycling and craft workshops.

"But..but you could go any second." Holly was worried. She told Macy she didn't look well.

"I'm just hot." Macy claimed she was very hot blooded. Of course, Joon got a chuckle out of that.

Holly told him he could do the coffee orders, and she would be at the cash register. "And you, take a load off."

"But, I'm here to work." Macy looked at them stunned.

"Oh, you're one crazy.." Holly closed her mouth before she finished that sentence. "Just take it easy. Don't have that baby here."

Soon the regulars were making their way to form a line to order. Holly rang them up and Joon went to making the lattes and the flat whites.

Macy watched. Soon she yawned as she sat at the corner table. Still, an unsettling sense of doom clung to her like a wet blanket. She was terribly emotional. What in the world was she thinking, coming all the way here.

She'd walked. It wasn't that far from home. Only a few blocks. And the weather was finally nice, just a hint of winter in the wind, but it was clearly..almost summer.

She sighed, wondering if she even had the energy to walk back to the apartment. Her limbs were slightly achy, as if  she couldn't move. But she would make herself.

Holly was right, she shouldn't have come to work. Macy felt so sad. Everything was going to change in her life, wasn't it?

She got up, and suddenly she felt as if a tidal wave hit, and it was coming from her own body.

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I'm so worried about her rn!