Monday, May 8, 2017

summer is coming

summer is coming

Joon was ready to turn over a new leaf. Maybe, he felt he'd been in mourning for some time. After all, he gave up his Engineering Major. He knew his mother was still upset about it. She didn't even want to see him, and he knew he'd let her down. He was her last hope, but he couldn't live her dream.

The first few weeks at Cho and Ivy's were a little blue. A part of him worried - their parents were breaking up. He even blamed himself for it. Funny, how he felt he was carrying the weight of the world and not doing a very good job. He felt like sleeping the day away.

He read. He watched Cho and his boyfriend. They were going through challenges, too. It might have seemed all so pleasant, as they survived Prom night, but there were those agitators that left Cho full of gloom.

Cho was worried about what would happen to Rosco after he graduated.

"If anyone can take care of himself, its Rosco." Joon assured him. In fact, Joon wished he had such finesse.

Rosco never let it show, there were troubles at school, being put down about his preferences. Also, Rosco could be a little scary if he wanted to be, but somehow, Cho always kept him balanced.

Honestly, Joon wished he could have that with someone. And he wasn't looking to find it with Ivy. After all, she would always be like a little sister to him.

Luckily, things gradually changed once Cho's father came home. He was on the phone a lot with Joon's Dad. It was a sigh of relief when Joon's dad thought it would be a good idea for him to take the summer off. Still, he wanted him to find a job.

Joon wasn't far from the University. He got on at the campus coffee shop. It was a good fit. And he didn't think so much, how he'd let his mother down. Maybe, some day she would come around, but he knew she wouldn't want to come to the states, and he wasn't going home, anytime soon.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish his mom would be more accepting of his choices!