Sunday, May 7, 2017

just another day in the neighborhood

just another day in the neighborhood

Xander wasn't sure how to go about the questions with Dakota. He put it off as long as he could, but finally asked her one morning at breakfast how things were going with her Dad.

"Fine." Was all he got out of her while she bit into a crisp piece of bacon and started eating her oatmeal.

Xander sighed. He should have expected it. Sometimes, he thought maybe she was secretive about that father of hers.

"You, guys been doing...... anything special?" Xander tried to smile.

"You know, he took me to the zoo." She shrugged and stuffed more of the oatmeal in, as if she needed to hurry up.

"But, but you guys do more stuff, together..don't you?"

"I guess so." She didn't have much to say.

Somehow, he expected her to confide in him more, but she didn't. As if she might be troubling him, especially about Joey.

Xander went to warm his coffee for the road. First he would drop off Dakota and then Sunny at the middle school.

Sunny, came running. Late as usual. He grabbed what was left of the bacon and wrapped it in toast. He ate it standing and neatly as he could.

Xander thought he should say something to the teenager, but he didn't. It was best not to start any arguments this early in the morning.

Sunny always woke up when his alarm went off, but he did stay in the bathroom a lot. Xander didn't even want to think what he might be doing. However, Sunny did take a long time to get ready.

"What?" Sunny looked at him as if he was expecting punishment.

"Nothing." Xander remained even lipped as they got into Xander's car and headed to school.

After they dropped off Dakota (who liked to do everything by herself) they watched her go in. Xander knew he needed more faith in her. Still, he was a bit anxious, thinking she might wonder around, but he never heard anything, only good things from her teacher.

"Has Dakota mentioned anything to you, about her dad?" Xander asked while they waited.

"She talks about him." Sunny nodded. "I guess she saw another one of his old girlfriends." Sunny looked at Xander.

"Really?" Xander winced wondering if Sunny was Dakota's new best friend.

"Yeah, at the grocery store." Sunny shrugged. "Seems, Dakota thinks she might have a new brother. Cause, that woman had a baby."

"Huh." Xander cleared his throat. He put the vehicle in gear. It was time to get Sunny to school.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander is so good with Dakota and Sunny!