Friday, May 26, 2017

Its never as simple as you think

its never as simple as you think

"Did, you ever name that baby?" Sky's father wanted to know.

Sky looked at Bill, blankly, as he held the infant who was practically over weight now.

Sky couldn't let the man hold the baby. After all, Sky thought Bill wouldn't be at the house. Sky was actually here to see Bill's wife, not him.

"Oh, uh-huh." Sky nodded. "Hunter."

"Hunter?" His dad winced as if that was different.

Sky nodded, wishing he could confide in someone about his plight, being on his own with the baby. Sam had not came back.

True, she'd made it sound as if she'd come tomorrow, or next week, but it hadn't happened yet. She liked New York City and being with her Mom. It was as if, she needed someone to take care of her. Not this.

"You know, Draco's got a kid, too." His dad sounded so normal. Although, Sky knew this man who he'd called Gramps for so long... was not OK.

Sky nodded with a smile.

If it hadn't been for Sky's mother, he knew the last few weeks would have been horrible. As it was, Sky felt he was getting over the flu. Sometimes, she'd take the baby over night so he could sleep. Now he wondered if he needed to help out with his father.

Finally, he heard someone in the kitchen, but it wasn't Bill's wife, Doris. Someone, brought him coffee.

"Its de-caff." She told him. "Bill loves his caffeine, but it doesn't do the rest of us, any good." Her name was Betty, and she was a friend of Doris'. "I'm only helping out, until they find someone." She was using her vacation to be here.

Sky sighed, wondering what next. How expensive would it be to take care of someone with Alzheimer's.

"Doris is asleep." Betty told him they took shifts with him, keeping an eye on him. "Its not so bad." She told him Bill had to take a happy pill, or he'd be full of emotions. "Its just getting him to sleep at night."

Sky didn't know what to say.

His dad was in the livingroom sitting in his favorite chair watching TV. Of course, he turned up the volume, as loud as it would go.

Betty sighed.

Sky hoped they figured out something soon.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an uncomfortable situation for them all.