Thursday, May 25, 2017

if its not one thing

if its not one thing

Omaha felt a little self conscious being back at Taylor and Sara's for dinner. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Emily and Mitch hadn't shown up.

Of course, he didn't say much of anything. He couldn't even eat the way he wanted, too. He picked at his food.

"Are you, OK?" Sheena looked at him, as if she was asking 'what's wrong with you'.

If only, he could walk out the back door with his plate of food, he could be on the back step shoveling it in. As it was, he tried his best not to yawn. He was sick of hearing about Hawaii.

"Do you think you guys will ever go?" Emily wanted to know.

Omaha almost snarled his nose as he did his best not to look at her. Didn't she remember who he was?

"I don't think so." He finally said above a breath.

"You two should think about having a destination wedding there." Emily looked at Sheena, as if she'd talk Omaha into it.

Naturally, Sara had to put in her two cents worth about their adventure on a cruise, where they got married.

Finally, Omaha pushed his plate of mashed potatoes and roast beef with gravy, away. The baby was fussing in the other room. Omaha got up to go check on Wednesday.

"You, don't have, too." Minnie told him.

"Just eat." He was tired of all these yuppies. Sheena was one, and he guessed he was suppose to be one too.

He went to see the baby in the crib. Without a second thought, he changed the diaper.

Honestly, he missed the basement. It was cramped at Sheena's. He'd tried to fix the toilet when it was n't working right, but of course, he made it worse. He hadn't done much better with the leaky faucet. Actually, the service guy who helped with the rental, told Sheena not to let her boyfriend do anymore damage to the place.

Omaha was beginning to think he was more trouble than he was worth. How did some of these couples do it?

He knew Sara was brainwashing Taylor. Anything she wanted done, he was there to fix it.

Sheena found Omaha with the baby in the rocking chair. Wednesday really did like to slumber, with her mouth moving as if she was nursing. She could sleep through anything.

"Aw, you two are cute together." She told him as she took a photo from her iPhone.

It was a comfort to hold the sleeping baby. Finally, it felt as if he was doing something right.

"You know, these kind of days don't last long." Minnie told them from the doorway. "You, guys won't want to be around when she gets the colic."

Omaha looked at her. As usual, Minnie was spoiling the moment.

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