Wednesday, May 24, 2017

As it would so happen

as it would so happen

Dustin felt a little numb, knowing he was going to see Macy's baby. It felt so surreal. Especially, to realize Holly and Macy were actually friends..and he'd possibly never came up in a conversation.

He went along with the crowd. It was lonely, he could see Joon was just as lost at the hospital as he was. Natalie was quite the wallflower, too. There was a moment, Dustin wondered if Holly's new man was Kramer, but those two bickered liked siblings.

Then going into the Maternity ward was like a security lockdown. They had to be OKed by the family.

Finally the laughter quieten down as they one by one went in to the room where the mother and baby were..and there was Macy's boyfriend.

He wasn't the father's baby, but Dustin had been there before.

Without warning, a flashback of his time with Halie and the baby came rushing over him with a tidal wave of emotions. He wasn't sure he could do this, but Holly looped her arm around his, and she was all smiles.

Dustin couldn't smile. His throat so raw. He let the girls rush forward as he hung back with Joon, who looked at everything all so brand new. He was interested at all the technology in the room. Everything seemed to be monitored. Even the bathroom. Dustin leaned against the wall, just on the other side of Joon, near the door. He did his best to breathe easy.

Maybe, it was good to have someone to talk too..who wasn't talking about babies. Joon said he'd never been to the hospital before.

"Not, here, anyway." He told him he lived with some friends of his family who were like family to him.

Dustin nodded, thinking he should call his mum. Although, he really didn't want to talk about Macy and her baby. After all, Macy hadn't even noticed he was there.

Soon, Macy's mother arrived. Dustin froze. Oh, he knew, that she remembered him.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an awkward time for Dustin!