Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Getting it together

Getting it together

S h i t.

It wasn't until Holly got to Dustin that she realized this might be a problem. Of course, she hadn't called him about Macy. After all, she was his ex. And now that she thought of it...what if..what if that baby was actually his.

Oh,  she'd been on a roll. Getting this little gathering party together to do something nice for Macy and her baby. There was enough cash for disposable diapers and a sleeper and maybe even a baby bottle.

"Sorry," Suddenly, she felt very sad to tell him the news. She really really wanted to hate Macy, but she worked with her and the more she was around her..the more she forgot about Dustin's past with her.

Not like with Halie. She really couldn't stand that girl. But Macy was sweet, and she was with Draco and..and...

"Sorry about what?" He winced ever so serious, as he was checking the water hose one more time at the outside gardening stand before he got off work.

"Macy, she..she had her baby..and..and we were all going, to see her and the baby. We need to get a gift. Do..do you want to come?" She hesitated, as if he'd already spoiled the fun.

"Sure." He was possibly a little indifferent, but he went on with her and met up the rest who were already inside the store.

She introduced him to Joon and they chatted a bit about the University, while Kramer talked about the music festivals he was planning on going too.

She and Natalie zig-zagged to find the outfit for the infant and a bag of pampers.

Of course, when they got ready to leave, she called shot gun. But she made sure that Natalie was practically in Joon's lap and not Dustin's.

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