Monday, May 22, 2017

its what we do

its what we do

"Is this what we're suppose to do?" Joon wasn't used to shelling out a twenty or so for gift giving and going to the hospital. Of course, Holly snatched the twenty dollar bill from him without a second thought.

"Co-workers help each other out." She looked at him, as if he should know that.

"Just get..something nice." He didn't think it would be flowers, but he had no idea what to get someone who just had a baby.

"Oh,'re coming with me." She gave him the eye.

"But..I don't even have a car." He knew she didn't drive.

"Not a problem." She had that taken care of when the yellow volkswagon came by the coffee shop.

Joon squinted, it was a guy with dreds. That was not her boyfriend, Dustin. Also the guy was with a girl.

"Its Kramer." She told him as she pushed him in the back seat with the girl, while she got in the front seat as if she were the passenger navigator.

The thin girl looked at him.

"Oh, and that's Natalie." Holly told him they'd all met on their first day here. "And Natalie got stuck with Kramer." She pursed a smile as if all he was..was a little brother she could get to do just about anything for her.

"OK, where too." Kramer sighed as if maybe Holly really did annoy him, but he was used to it.

Natalie smiled at Joon.

Holly gave Kramer directions to the baby store.

"Why can't we just go where that boyfriend of yours work. It would be cheaper. Besides, you'll want me to pick him up, anyway." Kramer kept his eye on the road.

Holly only shrugged.

"Sure," Holly said as she looked in the back seat, "But it might be a awful tight in the back seat."

Joon sighed, just how close was he going to have to sit,  next to Kramer's girlfriend?

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Joon loosens up a bit.