Sunday, May 14, 2017

the rollercoaster of life

the rollercoaster of life

Betty was frantic the morning she found Draco's father in her backyard.

Of course, she was up at 4 a.m. She'd had a very bad dream about Gordy. On one hand, she was certain everyone would think she was a lonely old woman who wanted a younger lover. But it wasn't like that. It wasn't that kind of dream, but rather a rumor from her daughter Brittany, that something was going on between Betty and her soon to be son-in-law.

Of course, Betty had to think about that. Maybe she was a little out of her head, herself. But after a cup of coffee, she smiled to herself thinking that was stupidest dream, she'd ever dreamed..yet..what did it even mean?

Well, there was that little silly thing they used to do when they went out for Chinese, when it came time for the the fortune cookies. She couldn't say who started the line first. Was it her or Brittany... just to tease Tiffany. After the fortune was read, the last line added, "In bed with Gordy."

She gritted, knowing how they'd annoyed Tiffany with their mid-west humor. She would just have to be better around Tiffany and Gordy.

Soon she was boiling eggs, to keep on hand in the fridge, and moved on to get a load of laundry done. She didn't have to be at work until mid-morning.

The house soon stirred. People ate cereal. Gordy and Brick went to school as usual and Tiffany went on to her job. Betty moped the floor. Actually, she was proud she'd gotten so much done before work, but when she went to put the mop out, to dry, there was Doris' husband, sitting on the bench swing in Betty's back yard.

"What are you doing here?" He cracked a smile.

"Just..just thought, I needed some air." Betty reached for her phone in her apron.

" long has it been? 8 years or so? You, were always a bride's maid, weren't you?"

His question stung her as if he did actually know her, yet he went on to speak of his cousin, Irene who lived in Kansas City.

Betty bit a grin, but soon enough got the plan in action and called in sick. She was thankful when Draco arrived. Luckily, he went to the hospital without incident. But when Bill (Doris' husband) got to the hospital, he was an entirely different person.

He was so angry. He didn't want to be examined. He wanted a haircut and kept getting away from the nurses.

Doris looked as if she might be a zombie as she waited in the hall.

Betty set with her.

"What are, you, going to do?" Betty looked at her.

Doris hugged herself hard as she nursed her lip. She couldn't talk about it.

It wasn't long until Draco came to them with the baby news.

"Its a boy?" Doris smiled. Finally, she had energy to get up. Betty went to the maternity wing with them.

Doris was smiling with tears in her eyes.

Betty hadn't been to this side of the hospital since her daughter Brit had Theo.

Both were happy to see the baby in the room with his mother, Macy.

It was all so intimate, Betty thought. Draco was going to stay the night with Macy and the baby.

Macy said the baby boy weighed over 8 pounds and she'd had him with in 30 minutes.

"I guess I started labor pains last night, but I dunno, it didn't really bother me." Macy shrugged.

Betty was in awe. Maybe ignorance was bliss, after all.

"What are you going to name him?" Betty and Doris both wanted to know.

"I've been thinking that..that I should really name him after his uncle, in England." Macy told them.

Betty looked at Doris as if she didn't know they had any relatives in England.

"Stephen." Macy smiled. "Stephen Drake."

"Sounds like a wonderful name." Betty assured her, and was happy how the day turned out.
May it be filled with fun and sweet memories!

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