Sunday, May 28, 2017

this too shall pass

This to shall pass

Macy didn't want to think about the conversation with her mother, the day Dustin was at the hospital.

After everyone left, her mom went off the deep end. Luckily, Draco didn't have to witness her mother's fit of venom.

She blamed all this on Dustin. If Macy had never met Dustin... this would not have happened.

Macy watched the baby flinch in his sleep while her mother hissed about Macy's whereabouts. Had she NO SHAME?

"Mom..." Macy waited for her mother to calm down, but she kept repeating the same old story Macy knew by heart. It would not change.

"Dustin is a good guy."

"What!" Her mother was so angry. Macy wondered now how her mother's blood pressure was doing.

"I..I didn't have sex with Dustin, you know. He wasn't that kind of guy. He..he was too good for me." She admitted. Yes, she'd been the problem, not him. He'd always insisted she have a good education. And maybe she did let him down. "So stop blaming him. Just stop."

Luckily, her mother left. Macy hadn't heard from her since. And she was OK with it. Macy remembered when she used to worry so much about her Mom when she was younger.  What was her mother doing, when she wasn't home?

Macy teared up, thinking now, it must have been revenge, giving her mother a taste of her own medicine.

Yes, people did seem to leave Macy. And yes, perhaps she didn't feel all that important to her mother. Not nearly as important as she should have.

But, Macy was a mother now. And the baby was so beautiful. How had that happened? To have something so beautiful.

There was a birthmark on his back. Just a little scar, as if he'd rubbed up against something a little hard. She'd remembered Maxie's back. It was on the same side. It wasn't the only blemish.

His forehead was streaked with a pinkish mark. It turned red when he cried. She didn't know exactly where it came from. It wasn't from Maxie. Finally, her father told her, it would fade. He told her he had one, too.

Macy only smiled. There was so much to learn from her own family, and maybe she would, but right now she was with her little one.

She could only hope..she and the baby.. would always be friends. She'd work hard to make sure he knew how much she loved him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy's family definitely has a lot of issues.


Regine Karpel said...

You are talented.