Monday, May 29, 2017

somebody else's problem

Somebody else's problem

"Bad things are just happening, everywhere." It was the only conclusion Brit could come, too. She held her pregnant stomach while she watched her mother make lemonade. At least, her mother was home for a few hours, and not at her friend's house.

"And, you, don't even watch the news." Her mother Betty reminded her.

Brit tilted her head as if she didn't want to be insulted.

Naturally, Betty said Gage and Halie would get through it, somehow. She said she thought they'd already married.

"He's just a teenage father." Brit shrugged as if that didn't justify much. Halie's mom was sick. Brit thought she should be there. After all, Brit would have been there for her mother, if she were that ill.

"Well, what can you do about it?" Betty poured the lemonade, and they set down at the kitchen table.

"Beats me." She was even lipped now. After all, she was only a messenger.

"You and Carson, need to worry about the two of you and the kids. I thought you two would have found a house, by now." Her mother reminded her that life was moving on. It waited for no one.

"We need to save some money," Brit's frown was small.

"Have you?" Betty looked at her with concern.

"Not exactly." She mentioned their credit card debt.

Betty sighed. "Have you talked about this with Carson's mother?"

Brit only winced. Why did they have to talk about her and Carson? She'd rather be worrying about someone else.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Brit needs to deal with her own issues. :/


Launna said...

It's nice that Brit is worried about others... she needs to look after herself

I am sorry I haven't been around lately, as you know I was dealing with a great deal of pain, thankfully I am feeling better... Now I am catching up with everyone... Once I am all caught up I am going to come back to yours and read all the ones I missed, so I can get back on track... I missed your blog xox