Tuesday, May 30, 2017

one step at a time

one step at a time

Gabby didn't know who's side to be on.

After all this time, staying with Macy's parents, she'd learned to love every flaw here. Sometimes, Macy's mom (that she called mom, too) could go for days without speaking. But they went on with things.

Macy's dad was the happy go lucky sort. It was hard to believe he was once a solider, now he worked in security. But, he was the 20 minute cook, always there for breakfast, asking about her day. She could see now where Macy's brother Rico got his personality from.

She loved them both and she loved her mom too, even if she was... sometimes, moody.

"Do you think it'll be all right..if..if..I go and see Macy?" She barely said above a whisper as her dad was dishing out scrambled eggs and bacon. Howie would be over shortly, to pick her up.

Actually, he let her drive his car, sometimes. But only if she was careful. He told her that would be her next step to independence, getting a car. But she hadn't gotten up the nerve to discuss it with her Dad.

Of course, her mom didn't want her to even think about having a driver's license, but she needed a car. Especially, for work. Yet, it looked like she'd be spending her weeks of summer with a band on the road.

One more thing she hadn't brought up.

"You and Howie." Her father smiled. "He takes you everywhere. Is that his job?"

"Kind of. But I won't be bugging him, all summer." She promised. That's when she told him about getting the job, managing Bo's band. At the moment, she was on her phone a lot, plenty of facetime included. She was always updating their facebook page.

"Wow, sounds like you've got your summer all planned out." He ate breakfast with her, while Rico was still putting in some extra hours of sleep. After all, school was out.

"You're not mad at me?" She wanted to know.

"Sounds like they can't get by without you." He smiled more.

Even so, she tensed, wondering if she'd have to stay put this summer. His warm hand clasped over her.

"Look, I'll handle mom, don't you worry." He promised.

She sighed with relief, feeling sure it would take a miracle to get her mom to be OK with Gabby's summer adventure.


Launna said...

I'm glad he understands that Gabby needs to live her life...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm excited to see Gabby doing her own thing!