Wednesday, May 31, 2017

those library mysteries

those library mysteries

"Did you break up, or not?" Corina looked at Will as if she was his only friend in the world.

He only shrugged and went back to putting DVDs away. After all, he was on the look out for anyone suspicious, possibly with a box cutter. It was one of his goals at the library, keeping track of DVDs.

But he didn't want to talk about Gabby. Maybe, it wasn't official, but he was pretty sure it was over. Yet, he felt this was part of the process. Letting someone go. If you really loved them, you did that sort of thing.

After all, he'd talked to his grandpa about this. Even his dad, and they all said the same thing. It was best to let Gabby do her thing, and support her. Although, he wasn't really supporting, anything..other than the library and trying to find out, who was destroying the DVDs.

He finally shrugged at Corina's question. Naturally, she wasn't doing much of anything, other than bothering him.

"What do you want?" He glared at her a bit dreadful, but he kept up with his work.

"Nothing, I was know, you seem so depressed." She hugged herself.

"Well, I'm not."

She cracked up, as if he was possibly the worst actor in the world.

Will sighed. Next thing he knew she was telling him all about her weekend with Yuki.

Yes, Corina had a new boyfriend and they did a lot of cheap thrills on the weekend. It was... as if, she didn't talk about Yuki, he wouldn't exist.

Will yawned. She was never this bad when she was with Joey. Of course, Joey didn't work here, anymore. This meant more hours for Will, and Corina too. But these days, she didn't want to shelve books, she wanted to be with Yuki.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Corina has an exhausting personality.


Launna said...

Will needs to stand up for himself and not let Corina do nothing ...