Thursday, June 1, 2017

don't get me started

don't get me started

Joon was keeping busy at the coffee shop, but he couldn't help but over hear Holly's envy.

"God, she looks like she never even thought about having a baby." She said to Natalie about Macy. "How can someone look that good after giving birth?"

Joon bit a grin and went back to cleaning. He'd be ready for the next spill of people who still needed their caffeine fix, even if it was awful muggy.

Of course, Natalie had a way of smoothing things over for Holly. Joon thought Natalie was the best friend anyone could have. Evidently, the best girlfriend too. She did put up with a lot with Kramer.

They'd talked once, after work...when she was waiting for Kramer.

She told him how it had been months since she'd really seen Holly.

"When we first met, we did everything together. I thought we'd be roommates." Natalie told Joon, but her best friend didn't think they'd be friends long if they roomed together.

Joon could see Natalie was still hurt by that. Although, she admitted to spending all her time with Kramer.

"Maybe, we spend too much time together." She shrugged.

"Is that possible." He'd grinned then, but when he thought about it, Joon was certain Natalie did wait around a lot for Kramer, who did a lot of gaming on the side. He even played pool for money.

Joon didn't follow Kramer's lead, the time Kramer wanted to hangout with him.

Actually, he'd rather hangout with Natalie, but he knew that wasn't a great idea, either.

It was best to be a behind the scenes guy. After all, he was saving his money. He didn't want to have to live with his ex-girlfriend's family any longer than he had too.

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Launna said...

Joon likes Natalie... you never know what might happen