Friday, June 2, 2017

could it be complete?

could it be complete?

Corina wanted to do a little happy dance about every other minute, when she thought of Yuki. Yes, atlas, it was that kind of love she'd always wanted with a guy.

Not that they did anything special. He took her to the campus library. They might drink coffee all night, and study, too. Although, she didn't have that much to study until he got her to look at some essay books to help with her up and coming papers. He also had several list of books one should read while in college.

Gosh, he was super smart. Maybe that was what attracted her to him. It was hard to say now, since she wasn't sure what was a dream and what was real these days. She might as well have been in a pink haze of some kind.

It was hard to be sad about anything these days.

Yet..they'd only held hands. He'd kiss her on the steps of the old dorm when she'd climb one step up, so he wouldn't have to bend his head... too low.

Sigh, why couldn't she sing about it? In her head, she was already writing the songs. Why hadn't she been a music or drama major?

She hoped she felt this way about him in 10 years. She wanted to grow old with him. She wanted this happiness to last.

He didn't seem to mind her giddiness, nor her geeky extrovert self. Honestly, she could see he knew she wasn't all that smart, but he didn't go poking his finger into her forehead.

Instead, he'd find a book, as if she'd read it. She  would tell him she hadn't. He'd only smile.

"Read on that, while I study." He'd shrug.

Maybe, she'd be smart yet.


Launna said...

Corina is so sweet... first love i's amazingly intoxicating xox ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just adore Corina - she's a sweetheart!