Saturday, June 3, 2017

the days ahead

the days ahead

"Oh, its going to be so much fun." Gabby was excited about summer and on the road with the band.

Macy listened to every word she said while she changed baby Ste's diaper.

"And, Mom's OK with that?" Macy looked back at her.

"I hope." Gabby wasn't going to let it bring her down as she discussed her schedule in the tri-state area.

"Me, too." Macy sighed and handed Gabby the baby.

Gabby was careful, but Macy could tell the weight of him, bothered her a bit. Naturally, he slept like a log.

"He's so heavy, already." Gabby told him.

"He sleeps a lot." Macy wasn't sure she had anything to do with his weight, other than breast feed him when cried. It had been a little never wrecking at first, but she had him on a schedule now, and he only nursed when he was awake.

"Wow." Gabby said she didn't think baby's slept that much. Not the ones she remembered from the various foster homes she'd been in.

"I hope it goes smoothly for you, the summer." Macy told her, it looked promising about her adoption with Macy's parents. "Mom, loves you."

Gabby almost smiled, but there was a bit of doubt, still in her eyes.

"But..but I don't think she loves me more." Gabby told her. "She talks about you, from time to time." Her mother even showed Gabby photos of Macy when she was a baby.

Suddenly, Macy felt quite sad. Perhaps, she wouldn't believe it, until she saw it, for herself.

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Launna said...

I think we all want to feel special... I hope both Gabby and Macy feel it...