Sunday, June 4, 2017

seeing the light

seeing the light

Everything looked so dismal after Joey had a few sessions with Patty. Did he really want to dig up the past?

He'd tried with a few phone calls with his mother, but it didn't get him very far. All she wanted to think about was her retirement in the near future, and how she was helping out with various charities at the local hospital.

"You. just need to think, what you can do for Dakota." She wanted to know if he was seeing her. He told her he was, every weekend. He had a zoo pass and a pool pass. Sometimes, Sunny went with them.

"Actually, some kids from the neighborhood go, too." It was practically a babysitting afternoon, but what else was he going to do.

And then Vada got married.

He didn't want to be happy about that.... because, deep down, he wanted everyone else to go away..but her.

Only, it didn't happen that way.

Instead, there was Alo who was rather chipper about everything in life. He was the one who told him about the apprentice program that was starting at the local metro college. They were looking for a few good people to learn high tech skills for the factory life.

He took a test and soon got on at a manufacturing place that was relocating in their area. So now he was taking classes and working, too. Enough, to keep him from dwelling on the darkness of his past. Still there were the weekends with Dakota.

Yes, he was probably seeing her more now than he did when he lived with her. Maybe keeping busy was the best medicine, after all.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Keeping busy is never a bad idea!