Monday, June 5, 2017

where summer happens

Where summer happens

"Grammy, you know..I don't want things to change." Brick was adamant about how he wanted to stay with her. His mom could move into that house with Gordy, anytime she liked, but he was staying here.

"I know. You've always been this way." She reminded him how he liked only roasted corn, not from the can and he couldn't function properly, if he didn't have his 7 a.m. bowel movement.

Of course, Brick gave her a disgusted look, how could she bring up something like that when she knew Rosie would be here any moment.

But when the doorbell rang, it was Julie and her boyfriend Irwin.

"What are you doing here?" Brick winced. It was true, he did not like change. Except, he was glad to see Irwin with her. He was a friend of Gordy's.

They'd brought fried chicken and some other sides from the deli.

"We just.. wanted to drop by." Julie reminded him school was out, and they were enjoying what they could of some free time before summer school started.

"Yeah, me too." He didn't want to go to summer school, but he'd get lazy and well, Rosie was going... so he was going.

Of course, he hadn't told anyone, but they were going steady. She was after all, wearing the friendship bracelet he'd made for her. So yeah, he was in the most perfect relationship, of all. They didn't even have to hold hands, but ever so often. Why couldn't more people be like them?

Irwin went to put some soda in the fridge.

"Oh, yeah..I remember when my mom used to date Irwin." Brick grinned. "He never came around much. Not like now."

Suddenly, he heard Irwin clear his throat, and then he had to have a coughing fit. Grammy went to get him some water.

Julie remained even lipped. She pulled a lose strand of her hair behind her ear. She said they had some news of their own, but she wanted Dewey to be here.

"Well, he won't be back today. He went off with his girlfriend. God knows when he'll be home. They take forever to do anything." Brick shrugged. He'd already gotten into the chips and dips they'd brought. "So.. you might as well tell us now."

She pressed her lips tight.

"Did you, guys get married?" Brick grinned from ear to ear. It wasn't that hard to figure out.

"Um, we're expecting..." She sort of sputtered.

"Something..from Amazon? You guys, going on vacation or something?" Brick didn't get it. He took another chip. His grandmother swatted his hand and told him to let Julie speak.

"Maybe, they're getting a dog." Brick decided.

"No," Irwin sighed. He went to put his arm around Julie. "We're having a baby."

"A baby!" Sure, his grandma clapped her hands. That's exactly what she wanted to happen to his mom.

Brick shook his head. He was sure hoping it was dog.

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