Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fun in the sun

fun in the sun

"Aw, that's so nice." Rosie smiled when she heard the news about the baby. She couldn't help but talk about Max and Daisy's baby. It was good to hear news about people moving forward. Thus, she didn't dwell on her Dad driving a truck to Alaska. Just one more reason why he couldn't see her this summer.

She drank lemonade at Brick's house, but they decided they best get to the pool before it was packed.

"Joey will be there..and..and so will Sunny." She hated to smile about this fact, but Sunny did something to her brain. At first she was certain he'd given her a seizure, the first time they met. She could hardly breath and almost landed on her face in the hot cement at the edge of the pool. Luckily, Brick pushed her in. Then jumped on her, like a frisky pup. Still, she was certain she would drown that day..if he hadn't pulled her from Brick's brutal tricks.

Honestly, she wanted to stay true with Brick. They were friends. They loved to talk. She knew she couldn't get through summer without him. But Sunny, well..he took her senses to a whole new level. And she could see, he didn't even know it. After all, he was kind of dense. She needed to remember this.

"What about Sunny?" Brick didn't ask about him until they were on their way in the hot sun. He winced, and she got out some sun glasses to push over his nose.


"Oh, its nothing. Its just..funny..you know." She shrugged.

"What's so funny?"

She looked down at his pale legs. Her's weren't much different, but at least she had her father's skin. She would be a light golden by late June.

"Well, a guy like him..being here."

"A guy like him? You mean, like Irwin?" Brick reminded her they were both Korean.

"Oh, I guess that's it." A laugh caught in her throat.

"Man, I might have a brother or a sister by now..if..if my mom had stayed with Irwin." Brick shook his head.

"And you wouldn't have liked that?" Rosie wanted to know.

"Maybe." At least, he was honest. "I dunno, my mom isn't the best mom in the world. I mean, I love her and all, but..but I think it would be just me..having to take care of it."

"You, have your grandma." Rosie told him.

"Yeah, I know, but she's getting old." He sighed. "She really needs a boyfriend, or something." Brick nodded in thought.

Soon they were at the pool and they showed their pool passes. It was early yet. Sunny wasn't even here.

Rosie felt a little sad as Brick went to find them a spot in the lounge chairs. Usually, they took one. They could both fit in it. They'd lay out a beach towel or two on the ground. Usually, they took turns. One would lay on the blanket and read while the other got some sun rays on their face and tummy.

Naturally, she slathered him with sunblock on his pale back and shoulders. He'd do the same for her.

At the moment, only the adults were in the water. A few were swimming laps.

Rosie looked for Sunny. Still, a no show.

She turned the moment she saw someone get out of the pool. Dripping. He took Rosie's breath away.

"Holy moly." Rosie said ever so slowly. Who was that?