Wednesday, June 7, 2017

little do we know

little do we know

Julie didn't know how to react to Brick's revelation. Why hadn't anyone told her?

Irwin went to check on Gordy who was working on the house, in full swing now. He said he might learn something. Naturally, he kept mum about ever going out with Tiffany.

Betty brought her a bowl of melon, a mix of cantaloupe and honeydew. Julie fed her face before she could really be upset. After all, it was the past. What could be done about it? Still, she was a bit peeved.

"I thought, you knew about that." Betty was even lipped as if maybe she was the holder of all the secrets. "It was nothing, evidently." She clasped her hand over Julie's hand. "Just don't hold it against him. Better than anything, he learned from it." She was serious.

Julie suddenly thought she might throw up. What did she mean by that?

"We all have a lot to learn, over time." She sighed. "Some of us are just smarter than others." Betty told Julie, she was a smart girl. "You found a good one. I think you make each other happy. I can see it, when you're together. Of course, I didn't have all that much nice to say about him, when they were going out. I guess I was just looking at all the wrong things then."

Julie looked at her, a bit puzzled.

"I take it, you know about Brit, don't you?" Betty looked at her as if there was more to this puzzle than just Tiffany.

"What?" Julie looked at her blankly as she set glued to the chair with humidity and sweat. No way, would she ever be cool this summer. Not with something making a home in her stomach. She breathed then as if she had too, for the baby's sake.

"Teddy." Betty said. " and Theo."

"Oh." It did make sense to Julie. It was like a faded dream she had trouble remembering. Everyone, was so hush hush about it when she was married to Teddy. No one, would ever talk about his child if she was in the room.

 Suddenly, the melon tasted so bad. She got up. She needed to go to the bathroom.

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Oh, my heart is breaking for her rn!