Thursday, June 8, 2017

the slightest correction

the slightest correction

Bo winced at the girl who looked happy to see him when he got out of the pool. What was wrong with her? He thought.

He remembered what that woman, Dora said, down at the recording studio. "You're a babe magnet in the making." Her smirk was a lot like that preteen's. She was a preteen, wasn't she?

Still, he couldn't be quite satisfied with this promotion. He hated the fact that Keith would be opening for him and playing backup. It should be the other way around.

He heard his phone from his backpack, that wasn't very far from the girl who was lounging in the pool chair.

It was Gabby on the phone.

He dried off quickly and picked up, making himself comfortable in the pool chair next to the skinny girl, who still gawked at him.

"Hey, what's up?" He smiled. It was always good to hear from Gabby. At least, there was Gabby. He did trust her.

"We got ourselves a bus driver!" She told him.

"Oh, yeah, great." He grinned, knowing he wouldn't have all that many days here at the pool.

"We should meet up tomorrow, how about 9 a.m." She checked his schedule, "Then you guys can practice."

"OK." He sighed with relief. "Hard to believe we'll be on the road by the weekend." It didn't seem possible. He almost winked, but something was in his eye.

Bo looked over his shoulder. She she was still looking at him. He gritted a smile. What did she want from him?

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