Thursday, June 29, 2017

a dreadful beginning

a dreadful beginning

Brick overheard Lily's mom say how she didn't have any free time, anymore. She was very apologetic when she came with Lily to pick him and Rosie up for the concert. Since Lily's mom was a student at the University she had easy access on campus.

Of course, Sunny showed up, too.

"Why did you invite him?" Brick was in a whisper fight with Rosie, but she acted like she didn't know it.

He returned to listening to Lily's mom talk about that guy Bill. Probably, one his grandmother's old boyfriends. She did have a lot of them. He was beginning to think she never met a stranger. God knows, he hated going to the grocery store with her. She knew everyone.

"You, let me know..if there is anything I can do for Doris." Lily's mom was talking about Lily's grandmother now. Evidently, they'd sent Lily's grandpa somewhere. Some special unit.

"You don't think he's with the FBI, do you?" Brick asked Rosie.

"What?" She barely knew he was there. She kept gaping at Sunny who was on his phone, playing a game.

Brick knew it was useless to talk with Rosie, so he asked Sunny what he was playing.

Naturally, Sunny was serious about his gaming. Yet, it was a free app. Something about war and castles.

"Oh." Sounded too much like a fantasy. Brick was choosy about his games. He'd even put a hold on Pokemon, these days, but of course, Lily asked him about that.

So many questions, she was giving him a headache.

The grownups would never shut up.

"When are we going?" Brick guessed he yelped like a puppy. He looked down at his watch. They were going to be late.

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