Thursday, June 15, 2017

just the two of us

Just the two of us

Josh texted Omaha, to ask how it was going with the infant and the toddler. At least, there was Sheena for backup. Still, Josh couldn't believe he and Minnie were somewhere without the kids. He looked up to see she was texting.

"Are you texting Omaha?" He wanted to know. She shook her head, no as she continued with her novel of a message.

"Sheena." Minnie finally looked back at him.

Josh nodded.

"OK, I'll keep in touch with Omaha, and you keep in touch with her." Josh smiled. He liked the fact they made a good team, even if they weren't the traditional kind of couple. They were still learning a lot about each other.

Minnie drank more coffee than anyone he knew. He could only smell the stuff. No wonder she was wired so. But he new deep down, she regretted a lot. Maybe, she really did want Blackie to see the baby..even if she claimed she didn't. She worried a whole lot more than anyone would know.

How did he know this? Well, she talked in her sleep quite a bit. Even in dreams, she fussed with Blackie and her sister, too.

He knew somebody needed to be on her side..because he'd be certainly lost if he wasn't with her.

Soon, Slater and his girlfriend met up at the steakhouse along with Jung and Irma.

Josh gave Slater a hug and even Jung.

Of course, Minnie acted all shy, which took Josh by surprise. He'd never know Minnie to be this way.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Minnie is definitely acting out of character. :/