Wednesday, June 14, 2017

a glimpse into a whole new world

a glimpse into a whole new world

Sure, Jung was happy to see his old friend Slater. Funny, how he hadn't seen Josh as much as he wanted too, since Josh moved here.

For a while, it seemed his life was work, work, work. He couldn't say he was really doing a good job at the funeral home because Emmett would have never told him. He just followed directions and was soon doing as much as Emmett, when it came to corpses.

And then, his mother said she'd found a doctor to help him hear. The doctor was in the area where he lived. No long journeys to Portland nor Chicago.

Of course, there were a few appointments to see if he was a candidate for such a surgery. Each time, he was sure they'd come back with a test results that told him, it was impossible. He hated to get anyone's hopes up.

Then, when it did happen. It felt like a big show, or something. He was even on the local news.

Still, afterwards..he thought he might be imaging it.

And yes, there was a certain music..just listening to the wind, restless in the leaves.

Perhaps, he'd become restless, too.

He was quite timid when Slater asked how life was now.

"Um, Happy." He knew he wasn't using his words properly. They'd always been formed on the tips of his fingers. I was all so knew. It would take some getting used too. Perhaps, it was a certain tone he was looking for.

"Yeah, it must be a great feeling, being a Dad." Slater said he couldn't imagine such a feat.

"Oh, yeah." Still he felt his words were clogged in his throat. He was still uncertain what might come out.

As much as life was moving forward..still, it felt a set back, somehow. It was hard to find a voice, when there was so much to listen too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope he can find his voice.


ivy said...

I think it would be hard to make the transition. Hopefully, he will.