Tuesday, June 13, 2017

the sounds of silence

The sounds of silence

"Well, its still hard to believe." Jess' smile was open. "I mean, we've been together for how long now?"

She was holding Irma's baby, but she was thinking of Slater. They rarely had any time off. He worked in the meat department at the big grocery store, and she was still taking nursing classes, and worked at a nursing home most weekends.

"Since last year or so?" Irma winced.

"Must sound boring to you." Jess let the baby grasp her finger. "Oh, what a grip." She smiled.

"Well, it's been a little exciting." Irma nodded.

"You mean, having the baby?" Jess asked.

"I guess..but the real exciting thing..is.. Jung... can hear now." She told Jess about the operation. It was something Jung's mother wanted him to do. Of course, he didn't see a need for it, doubted it would work. But it did.

"So, is he... OK?" Jess wanted to know.

"Sometimes, I think he'd rather not be listening." She almost laughed. "I mean, sure, he loves sounds. But not every sound. I'm not sure he really likes to listen to me."

"Oh, aren't most significant others like that." Jess told her Slater could tune her out, especially when she asked him to take the trash out.

"I dunno. He's just different now." Irma took the fussy baby. "He seems more nervous. Maybe, its a little overwhelming." Irma said he hadn't been back to his job in the last few weeks.

"He seems more quiet now than.. when you guys were in K.C." Jess shrugged.

"I know." Irma felt sad about that. "He doesn't like the sound of his voice."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope he's able to find his true self again. :/


Anonymous said...

Love the collage!

Great news to hear about Jung...He just needs more confidence! BTW I LOVE L!