Monday, June 12, 2017

we're all friends

we're all friends

"What? You're here?" Josh couldn't believe Slater would actually call him on his Android. And Slater didn't text.

"We're at Jess' cousin's." Slater told him they were finally getting around to see Irma and Jung's baby.

"Oh, yeah..that's right." Josh sighed, thinking how could he forget about Irma. "Well, I've got some news of my own." He told him about Minnie's baby.

"What?" Slater sound shocked. "Why..why? Didn't you tell me?" Naturally, Slater had to put him on a guilt trip. Weren't they like brothers?

"I dunno." Josh shrugged, wondering what he could say to make his friend feel better. "I've..I've been working."

"So, you want to meet up?" Slater wanted to know.

"Sure." Josh liked the sound of that. He would make time for Slater and Jess. "I'll talk it over with Minnie."

"OK." Slater sounded as if he knew where Josh was coming from. "Looking forward to meeting her."

Josh clicked off and looked Minnie.

"Well, I guess we will need a babysitter, after all." He told her.

She looked at him as she didn't like the sound of that.

"My old friend is in town." Josh told her. "We used to be in K.C. together. He's like a brother. He wants to meet you."

She sighed as if this was all too much for her.

"Come on. You, can't stay home forever." He told her she didn't need to hide out.

"I'm not hiding out." She pressed a straight lip. "I..I just feel, I..."

"You, don't even have a good answer for me." Josh told her they'd go out for steaks. "Slater knows his steaks. He's a butcher."

Minnie shook her head, no. She told him Slater sounded to much like Blackie.

"Oh.." Josh closed his sleepy eyes in thought. A sly smile came to his lips. "This is about Blackie, isn't it? You think,,,you might run into him."

"HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO ME." Minnie snapped. "He's not even in the states." She shot him a look, but he put his hands on her shoulders and laughed softly.

"I didn't think you were afraid of anything," He said as he tilted his head to one side then to the other, giving her the look over.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love them together!


ivy said...

I agree! I love Josh & Minnie together!