Saturday, June 24, 2017

never again is what you said the time before

never again is what you said the time before

Louis was in charge now. Wasn't that all he ever wanted? He wasn't so sure, anymore.

True, he finally figured out why Callum counted on him so much. Callum was the worst when it came to decisions, and yet who had handed him over the company.

"If I don't..I might as well go bankrupt." Callum assured him that it wouldn't happen if Louis made the decisions.

Besides, Callum was going through his own problems. Sometimes, Louis had no idea who his best friend was. Yet somehow, life prevailed.

Funny, how know one remembered he grew up here in this mid-west small town. He was just that guy from California. Perhaps, he wanted to keep it that way. Maybe it was best to be the outsider. Therefore, people would listen because after all, didn't everyone want to get out to L.A. where they could make it really big in the celebrity world?

But here he was, away from the big time rush (so to speak) and it was good to be where the economy was OK and everyone seemed quite honest. And he knew Ellis had been competent enough, just as Callum promised. Still, he wasn't so sure he trusted him.

Of course, with this summer starting off, hopefully with a bang, Louis had never felt so alone. It was as if everyone was out there, doing their thing. And here he was manning the phones..and keeping an eye on his sister.

"Don't go messing with the merchandise." He'd told her early on. Besides that, she was on her own. She could find her own place. He was so tired having to keep up with her. Naturally, she was the other reason he moved here. Nobody wanted her around, where they'd come from.

So many times, she'd been close to jail-time from  all the heavy duty partying she'd done. This was her last chance. He reminded her of this everyday. Hopefully, she was listening.

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