Friday, June 23, 2017

no love lost

no love lost

"Are you sure? You're going to be OK?"

Ellis watched Geo's lips move. Honestly, he didn't know if he heard him correctly. There was enough on his mind to make him hurl these days, but he didn't because he worked as hard as he could with the director, Louis..because he knew Callum would want him, too.

"What are you saying?" Ellis wished Geo would leave him alone, but here he was down at the studio, just as they were finally taking a break for a late dinner.

"I never get to see you anymore." Geo shrugged.

"That's're always with..with..what's her name?" Ellis gave him the eye, as if there was no need for them to talk, anymore.

"Melissa." It wasn't a question. Geo moved in with her.

Ellis sighed, thinking he lived in an entire different universe than Geo. It didn't matter if Geo took over Ellis' job at the funeral home. He was one of them, now. Ellis should have figured it out before now. Geo couldn't go solo, on anything.

"I'm fine." Perhaps, Ellis sounded bitter, but he needed to remember he was going forward. He wanted this life, being a real musician. However, he'd never lived on the road before. He didn't even know what to pack. Still, he was fine.

His work relationship was all he needed. He worked well with Louis, and he'd stopped asking about Callum.

Perhaps, that was the hole in his heart. He did his best not to let himself wonder what happened to him.

If only he'd get a call...a text. Yet as the days trudged on with the long hours of music, Ellis knew now, he must not have meant much to Callum..anyway.

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