Thursday, June 22, 2017

this is not enough

this is not enough

Natalie couldn't stop herself from thinking about Joon, lately. Especially, when she was waiting for Kramer.

She didn't mean for it to happen, but it was better to think about all those talks with Joon.. than to be furious with Kramer.

If he only knew just how mad she could get, but once Kramer arrived, all smiles and ready to take her anywhere..she would play right along.

But that had changed with Joon around. She wasn't so happy to see Kramer, anymore. Although, it was quite an act to play along with him.

She tried to explain this to Holly, but of course..Holly's mind was elsewhere. Not so much about her boyfriend's ex who had a baby, but the future with Dustin. Could she possible go back to England with him for a couple of weeks of summer vacation?

Of course, it always came back to the fact that they both had to work.

"Why don't you work, Natalie?" Holly would look a bit disgruntled at Natalie, as if they weren't the best of friends, after all.

Natalie never had much to say about herself. Her grandmother had raised her and always wanted her to think about her education. That was her work. And a little volunteering, here and there. Natalie was certain Holly didn't want to hear of this. After all, Holly was not close to her own family.

Still, it felt like a play to Natalie, and she wasn't even a drama major. Yet, she was part of the supporting cast. Always there to be the supportive girlfriend and best friend.

Yet, little dizzy thoughts would rush back to Joon. She liked to watch his many funny faces. Yes, she'd even admitted to her grandmother (on their Sunday night phone calls) she liked to watch him eat.

"Then what are you doing with Kramer?" Her grandmother's question stung her deep.

Maybe it was the idea of sticking with the tried and true. Or Natalie didn't want to think anything was broken with Kramer. She would have to stop thinking about Joon.

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