Wednesday, June 21, 2017

method acting

method acting

Simon looked across the booth at Ivy. He knew they wouldn't be very good at this. No way could they convince anyone they were going out. He was certain they were too much alike.

Why did he ever tell her that Bree had been texting Randy?

"Its..Its probably nothing." Simon shook his head. He was beginning to think he didn't trust girls. Yes, there was that one time, he thought he had a girlfriend. The one.. more older..while all along, he was just some boy who hung out with her when she wasn't really dating.

It was beginning to feel that way with Bree, too.

Simon didn't mean to be so sensitive, but he thought he was going to breakdown in tears.

"I hate her." Ivy confessed to Joon. She'd never said this to Simon, about Bree.

Simon couldn't take her eyes off her. Was she standing up for him?

"I don't like what she's doing to Simon. I don't like what she's done to Randy." She was in a pout, as she sipped her cold coffee.

"I don't think there is anyway, you can make Bree jealous." Simon shook his head.

"I think the both of you, need to go to theater camp." Joon pointed at the flyer behind Simon's head. They both turned to look. It was something for high schoolers. "I don't think either of you are prepared, at all for this summer." He looked at Ivy then to Simon.

"Just talk to them." He was straight lipped. "At Ivy's house. That way, your mom can referee if it gets out of hand."

"No, that..that..sounds awful." Ivy said she didn't trust her mom one bit. "She screams at people." She shot Joon a look, that would be unthinkable.

Joon bit a grin.

"Does this mean...I have to be there?" He looked at her, again and then Simon. Neither said a thing. Joon got up as soon as he heard the door jingle. He went back to kitchen to get ready for coffee orders.

"And..and that guy was your boyfriend?" Simon winced.

"No." She looked so certain of it. "It was just something my parents used to tell me. We used to bath together when we were babies."

Simon nodded, he needed to ask his brother Xander if this was weird.

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