Tuesday, June 20, 2017

down at the coffee shop

Down at the coffee shop

What was the big deal? Joon didn't know what they were going on about...but Holly knew someone in a band. And their gig was so good at the Summer Nights Festival on campus..they'd been asked back for a full concert..next week.

"And we're going." She acted as if she had free tickets, already.

"I dunno." It sounded like it might be expensive. Why was she making it out to be a field-trip of some kind? It was here on campus. Maybe he could listen for free, standing at the big fountain by the liberal arts building.

"I promised my friend, we'd all be there to support her man." The look she gave Joon was fierce. He backed away and went to wash up some dishes in the kitchen sink of the coffee shop.

"Natalie will be there." Holly chimed in, but then mentioned Kramer. "You, could bring someone."

"I dunno." Why was he letting himself being roped into this?

"Oh, come on." She was almost in a stomp.

The door jingled and Holly was back to being her customer service self.

Joon soon heard his name. A girl was asking for him.

To Joon's surprise it was Ivy, and she wasn't with her brother nor her boyfriend. Some guy with dark curls.

Joon looked him over. The fellow seemed more suitable and studious, than her boyfriend Randy.

"Hey." Joon looked at her, as if there might have been something different about her. "What's..up?"

"Well, I knew you worked here." She shrugged and introduced him to Simon. "Just wanted to see what you are up too?"

"What are you up too?" Joon pointed a finger and was probably more goofy than he meant to be. "Where's your boyfriend?" He stared at her a look that he was keeping an eye on her.

She winced back,...it was none of his business.

He went to get them a cold brew. Simon wanted his sweet and some cream. Ivy drank her's black. They sat in a booth in the corner, across from each other. Perhaps, they were just friends.

"So? What is really going on?" Joon scooted in next to Ivy. True, there was a lot he didn't keep up with lately. But he lived with Ivy. How did he not know she was having troubles with Randy. "What happened?"

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Clearly he needs to invest more time in his roomies!