Monday, June 19, 2017

making it happen

making it happen

Derrick..still, couldn't believe his wife Rossie was letting him do this(join a band). But as she said, "Get this out of your system before you're too old, to do it."

She was the one who connected him to this gig, as it was.

"You know, you're first love is music." She told him.

And he was only going as the drummer. It would be six weeks of summer without her and baby Asia.

Actually, he missed them already, and he hadn't even left town. Thankfully, they were there for the show.

Naturally, Derrick wasn't in the lime light. He knew he could get used to that. He knew this might be his last chance to do what was second nature to him.

He'd probably been playing music a lot longer than anyone here. Of course, he wasn't so sure if he could get used to testy El, who always had to have everything in perfect order. Somehow, El made him feel they might be better off without him. He was such a stickler for everyone to have their act together.

Bo, the kid and lead singer was laid back enough. And Keith..well, Derrick thought he'd seen one of his shows..but that was just a blur..perhaps. Still they both had young families, so Derrick thought they could stick together through the duration of the weeks, ahead.

But this manager. She was so young. How could headquarters let her take so much on? He wondered if she had a thing for the lead singer..or maybe it was the other way around.

Derrick was certainly for from circles like this. After all, he'd managed the diner for the most part. Lately, his skills were in math and where to find the best suppliers for the ingredients they needed to make a good burger and fantastic fries and onion rings.

Was he sure he wanted to forget about that kind of thing this summer?

There was Max (his brother) to take on his duties at the diner.

A lot of people were asking if the diner was closing. Derrick didn't know who was starting the rumor. The Chinese place next door was always packed. People who went to that place were parking in the diner parking lot.

Derrick hoped Daisy's Diner would stay afloat. Of course, Daisy herself never ate a meal there.

Derrick wasn't sure what might happen by end of summer, but he was going to enjoy this working vacation, as much as he could. Still, he need to focus on his life with his little family. It was the only thing that was true.

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I'm glad that Derrick is living in the moment!