Sunday, June 18, 2017

Oh, the plot is so bewitching

oh, the plot is so bewitching

It was all coming together! Honestly, Gabby didn't think it was possible. At least, Howie would be there with the band, as the bus driver.

Of course, it was an old converted school bus. Bo wasn't that famous.

True, he was getting hits on YouTube with some unlikely BABY'S ON FIRE. It seemed a lot of the young folk didn't know about that song, and the new wave old timers were accepting it.

Gabby couldn't believe the line up.

The first show was at a small venue here. It was at the University campus. They were featured in the Summer Night's festival.

So it was the start of something. This was real time. Not putting together a video. And there was a crowd for him. Naturally, some came out to support Keith. It was good Bo introduced him as if he was the real show, not him.

Gabby wasn't sure how the studio would feel about it. Why did every little thing, keep her on pins and needles.

So much to keep up with.

And still there was new faces to remember. Somehow, Ellis got roped in to setting the base line and the keyboard. But there was someone..who wasn't from the studio.

Still, he looked a little familiar to Gabby.

She looked down at the names of the band members. The drummer's name was Derrick.

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Such a crazy coincidence!