Saturday, June 17, 2017

the wonder of it

the wonder of it

Sheena knew Omaha wanted to be in control of the whole babysitting situation. She thought for sure he'd want to be watching the infant nonstop, but before she knew it, he was off playing with the toddler, building a tower of blocks.

As usual, she changed the infant's poopy diaper first.

"I thought you said you were going to change every diaper." She reminded him. He'd really talked the talk at home. Now she thought, he wanted her to do all the babysitting while he played with the kids.

"You only, did it once, I'll do the next one." It didn't sound like a promise to Sheena.

Soon enough, Taylor came down to check out the situation.

"How long do you think they'll be gone?" Taylor asked.

"I dunno, most of the evening..I guess." Sheena held Wednesday who wasn't nearly as sleepy as she was the week before. Still, she took everything in with her dark eyes. Her little pink lips were a full circle as she motioned for something to nurse.

Sheen sighed. "He fed her when we got here." Luckily, the infant hadn't started crying, but she might.

Taylor wanted to hold her.

"She seems smaller now." Taylor remembered what a big baby she was. "Do they lose weight?"

"She is breast-feeding her." As if that might make a difference. Sheena didn't really know, but each bottle was full of breast milk.

Seriously, Sheena didn't know how Minnie did it. On one hand, she was like mother earth and on the other..Sheena was certain she kept the baby awake with all the coffee she drank. She did wonder if Minnie was eating all the right things to breastfeed a baby. Still, Sheena was not a mother and didn't intend to be one, anytime soon.

"Cool." Taylor shrugged about the breastfeeding, but he handed the baby back.

They both watched Omaha with Naddy.

"You know, what this means..don't you?" Taylor then said.

"What?" Sheena winced wondering what he meant.

"Sara and I are having a baby. Everybody is having a baby..I think you two.. might catch the bug, too." He grinned.

Sheena sighed. She didn't find anything funny about that comment.

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