Friday, July 21, 2017

a night out

a night out

Dinner was exceptional. Hannah knew this much. Actually, she didn't know what they were eating, but it was pretty and it was tasty. Although, she'd never eaten this kind of beef before. Of course, Stu was being his comedic self.

Actually, she didn't think he knew he was comedic. Maybe..he was just funny looking..but she loved her funny guy.

She took his hand as if something really important was about to happen. He looked at her in that goof-ball way of his as if she better not start anything.

She caught a laugh in her throat.

At least, she'd finally met undesirable Dora, who was awful chummy with Melissa's brother Graham..who they'd just met.

He was in a ballet company.

Never in her life had Hannah thought a ballet company would be anywhere near here. She was dumbfounded. She guessed. Maybe, that was why she clung on to Stu for support.

Oh, if only..they were with his friends.

Would they ever go to something so fancy?

Hannah felt under-dressed. She should have talked to Macy more, about this occasion. But she didn't really know what to expect.

They might as well have been eating in a museum.

Seriously, Melissa didn't look like the type who would have a family.. like this.

She looked over at Emmett.

Now that was the real shocker. Her oldest brother with a woman. And Hannah knew her.

She and Alma worked together and not once had Alma mentioned Emmett. Obviously, they looked happy together. She could see it didn't really matter where they were. They enjoyed each other's company.

"Too bad, we couldn't invite Jung to this." Hannah smiled. It could have been a company dinner, then.

"Oh, haven't you heard?" Alma then spoke up, but it was still a very low voice. "Jung isn't at the funeral home, anymore. He started nursing classes last week."

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