Thursday, July 20, 2017

upon arrival

upon arrival

Graham really wished his mother would stop doing this. Why did she have to make out that everything was perfect in his family?

Yes, it was perfect if they didn't see each other. Maybe that was why he worked so hard in the ballet world. So he wouldn't have to come home.

Naturally, it was the prestige in his work that made his mother so sweet to him. His dad really didn't care for his career. Of course, he'd written him off as just that gay son he didn't want to have anything to do with.

So little did his parents know. Graham, liked to keep it that way.

"Hullo." His voice was stiff. He didn't really carry on conversations when he was here. He was to be seen not heard.

When she looked at him, he thought she might faint, but it was just a fit of laughter.

"Are..are you..Geo's sister?" He winced, trying to figure her out.

"Um, I should be." She smiled as if she might be on drugs. "I'm Alma's best friend. We..really are like sisters." Her name was Dora. She went on to say that Geo and Alma were adopted siblings. "But family." Her grin was clown like.

Graham couldn't help but stare. A part of him wanted to think she was getting on his nerves, but then again, where had their been laughter in this house... Never.

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