Wednesday, July 19, 2017

and then

and then

Life felt like an all time low. Well, to Dora..these days. And then she got the phone call for the dinner party..finally, some excitement in her mundane existence.

It must be a sign, she thought. Something awaited her.

Oh..she'd been waiting long enough. It felt high and dry at work. Such a humdrum world.

Why hadn't she met the love of her life yet?

Yes, there was drinking after work with the fellows. But it wasn't much of nothing.

She slept at Alma's apartment. She hadn't had time to find her own place. Well, she could have..but what was the point?

Alama and her brother fled like mice when she arrived. What had she ever done to them?

She'd gone through the year books and photo albums. Seriously, they were a sad bunch and she cried a little, over her iced coffee with vodka.

Her brother might think she was a real lush, but hey..she was just getting by..not asking him for much.

Of course, it was last minute..even to this dinner. A part of her was in fear she'd cry softly over something with vodka, but she put on her summer party dress and arrived, actually..before the rest.

And that's where she saw his picture.

God, it was a huge life like painting at the top of the stairs. Her eyes popped with excitement.

"Is he dead?" She asked the hostess. Where had she seen him before? Was it a movie? hmm..something entertaining. She winced as she begin to think..he might be a vampire. she'd always wanted to meet one of those. She grinned as her teeth shown.

Probably a pompous ass. Dora assumed.

"Oh, that's Graham," she said. "Melissa's older brother. He's a dancer." He was in a ballet company.

"Oh, really?" Dora grinned once more with almost a giggle. As she gazed once more at the painting, he appeared in the foyer, right behind her.

As Dora turned to look at him, she was lost for words. For the first time in her life..she was speechless.