Tuesday, July 18, 2017

no matter where life takes us

no matter where life takes us

"What's the matter?" Melissa asked. Honestly, she hadn't seen Geo this high-strung since he moved in. She thought he was OK now, but it must be his family who made him all fidgety.

"Oh, its this Dora." He looked as if it would be the worst night ever, at her parents.

Actually, her folks were gone a lot. Her dad was on a lot of business trips and her mom always found a way to visit her mother's sister in Canada or her other sister back in Seoul. And now, Melissa felt she'd found home with this guy who had no idea just how adorable he actually was, even if she'd hinted it to him..numerous times.

"She's not even related to me." He went on to say she was a useless friend of his sister's. "Somehow, she finagled  a way to go to this dinner. I HATE HER."

Melissa sighed, wishing he didn't get so bothered.

"It'll be all right." She grabbed his shoulders. "Its just dinner."

"But..but..don't you're parents live in a mansion or something?" Geo winced hard. "They probably think you're just slumming with the likes of me..and..and they are probably right."

"Don't say that." She told him money wasn't everything. "They..they just don't know you yet."

Of course, she imagined they would never really ever want to know him. But she was certain they could get by without her parents' blessing. After all, she hadn't felt they been real family since she was a child.

And this was the family she wanted. She wanted to be everything she could be to Geo.

"You know..I love you..and nothing could ever break us apart." She hugged him, hoping he'd stop worrying.