Monday, July 17, 2017

who would have thunk it

who would have thunk it

Geo wished Ellis was here. He just didn't know what to expect with Melissa's family. After all, they were somebody..evidently..and he still wasn't sure if he'd gotten lucky or not.

Sure, he couldn't say no to her. And he'd always wanted to be on his own (not under his sister's thumb).. after all, he was only her piano teacher..which lead to fingers touching, holding hand, lips locking..

He gritted then. How many months had they been together?

Oh..she was an independent girl. And..and a good that.

She did have a good job down at the court house. She used to work for her father and Geo guessed her father still made sure she had a place to live.

He knew she wasn't like most young women. She didn't shop a lot. She liked to cook. She liked to do nothing with him.

And now, her family wanted to meet his family?

It was freaking him out.

There was Alma and she was bringing Emmett. It would be a very small affair.

But as luck would have it, Dora was coming too.

"DORA!" Geo's eyes shot wide. "What! How!" He shouted at Alama over his Android.

"Um, they called my apartment." There was still a landline. Actually, Dora knew before anyone else about this family dinner.

"Argh!" Of course, Geo couldn't help but complain. Why was his sister still paying for a landline?

Sadly, she was hoping their long lost mother might call some day. She knew that number.

Geo sighed. It would be the worst dinner ever.