Sunday, July 16, 2017

anything's possible

anything's possible

"You, said I could drop by, anytime." Hannah was certain she'd came to see Macy at the wrong time, even if she'd called her last night to see if it was OK to come by and see the baby.

Yes, she loved seeing babies. She didn't know it, until Macy had her baby. Suddenly, she wanted one too. She kept hoping she wouldn't feel this way.

No, she really wished she could have her own with Stu, but it hadn't happened yet.

"Everything's good." Macy promised. She went to get them some lemonade and cookies.

"Are you sure?" Hannah swayed with the baby as if she had to do her part to keep him happy.

Macy nodded, but then told her about the phone call from Ste.

"Its just..I'm not sure..I'm ready.." She sighed.

The last time she had seen Ste, his brother was alive. And she was sure he might blame her about Maxie. "He should blame me."

"No, he's not." Even from not ever meeting him, in person, Hannah was certain Ste was a good guy. "I want to meet him." She beamed.

"OK." Macy looked at her as if Hannah had lost it. "Is there're not tell me..about you and Stu?"

"Oh, we're fine." Hannah smiled. "Its just..I've never met an Englishman..and certainly know, quite a few." She thought of Dustin. She remembered a time when Macy talked a lot about him. But, she hadn't met him, either.

Macy rolled her eyes and snatched an oatmeal cookie to bite into.

Somehow, Hannah thought everything happened to Macy while Hannah felt nothing ever happened to her, even moving in with Stu and away from her brothers wasn't all that significant.

"Oh," she remembered now. She did need Macy's help. "Um, we're all going to meet Geo's girlfriend's family."

"Really, why all of you?" Macy reminded her that Geo and Ellis weren't seeing each other. She didn't get it.

"Geo, has a way of wanting to show just how big his extended family is. You know, his sister is living at Emmett's." Hannah told her as the baby began to cry.

"Yeah, but..are they even..really..together?" Macy tilted her head, trying to picture the connection.

"Who knows." Hannah shrugged. "Emmett and Alma are all alone in that big house now." She guessed nothing was actually happening, but she might be wrong.