Saturday, July 15, 2017

come what may

come what may

"I met a bloke, who knows of you." Ste's words gave Macy a jolt. She almost dropped her Android.

"What?" Her eyes lit. She couldn't imagine who it could be in London, where Ste was calling from.

"He's American." Ste sounded happy to know this fellow.

"American?" Still she drew a blank. She nursed her bottom lip, as she went to check on the baby, still snoozing in his crib.

"Yeap, he's gotta kid too. He knew you in high school. You know...Gage."

Macy could imagine Ste practically winking. Evidently, Gage didn't let him in on, too much of their history.

"Oh." Macy practically felt her voice sing ever so fake. "Yeah..I..I remember him." She winced hard.

"He and his girlfriend have been staying with Mol, sometimes, we get together with Jax and Bash. Its a real party, you know." He sounded happy. Macy was glad to know he had friends. She didn't think he had any when his brother Maxie was around.

"Oh, and I met Archie's brother Jules. Nice little family they got. He's in, to making comics." Ste went on to say. He talked about outings and barbecues, but as of yet, he hadn't met anyone nor found full-time employment.

"Jules, seems to think he  might have some work for me, if  I come back with him." Ste finally announced.

"What? You're coming to the states?" Macy felt herself almost laugh. She wanted to be happy for Ste. After all, he was all alone. The only real family he had was being uncle to Macy's baby, Stephen Drake.