Friday, July 14, 2017

I'd still dance with you

I'd still dance with you

Gage and Halie did not get married. It had something to do with their passports. They were really strict on that sort of thing, these days when going over seas.

Yes, they'd made some time to go to England. Halie's brother and his family went along too, like it might really be a big family reunion.

But, it wasn't quite that way.

Gage stayed back to watch the baby, who wasn't really a baby anymore, and he cleaned house most days at Halie's family house. At night they would go stay with Archie (Halie's step-brother) and his family.

Actually, it was the nights he liked best, visiting with Archie and his wife Molly and of course, everyone's best mate Jax.

Still, Halie was not herself.

Her brother, Jules told him to let it be.

"I suspect she feels more than vexed," Jules said. "Guilt is really a terrible depressant." Jules seemed to think if Halie had stayed with her dad and never met her mum, she would have been much better off. "But who knows, she might still be this way."

Gage felt Halie had been depressed for some time now. He was certain it was all his fault.

"How can, you say that?" Jules gave Gage a pat on the back. "You're doing all you can. Just imagine how rotten her life would be, if you weren't here. She's a lot like mum. Sorry, to tell you this. But mum's been addictive to just about everything in this old world. And now, its only up to her to fix it."

Of course, that didn't really seem possible since Halie's mother was in a coma due to being addicted to pain killers.

But Gage kept busy at a house that hadn't seen any chores in quite sometime. It was easy to see Jules' dad was in no state to help.

Gage did wonder if they'd spend the entire summer here.


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Its good to see Jules! Jules & Halie do have a complex family..but then so does Gage.

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