Thursday, July 13, 2017

rolling with the flow

rolling with the flow

Gabby knew they didn't have much time to spare, but with a basket full of goodies in hand, she got the band rounded up, to stop by Keith's before they left town for the next musical festival.

She'd became good friends with Freddie over the last few months. And it was good to feel they were their extended family.

The baby was a little chubby. It was hard to imagine it was ever in Freddie's tummy. Gabby told her she looked great and the baby was definitely cozy in her arms, but they passed the slumbering baby boy around for everyone to hold.

They named the baby Graham, after Freddie's dad.

Of course, Bo was the most clumsy when it came to babies. "I never held one before." He confessed all bug-eyed as if he might do more harm than good if he held the baby, but the baby slept right through it. Ellis wasn't much better when it came to baby matters.

Derrick chatted them both up about being new parents. He knew lots about infants.

Still, it was Howie who she knew would be the best Dad, of all. He was so quaint and easy going.

"I bet you've done lots of babysitting," Gabby said as they were saying their good-byes.

"Um, its been awhile." He smiled. "But I know a few things." He said he wasn't afraid to change a diaper.

Gabby smiled as if it were refreshing to hear. She could only imagine Will's grimace. He would probably run from a diaper change.

She sighed. Why did she still think about him? She didn't want, too. Besides, there was no time to think about her one and only boyfriend. There was the band who needed to be on the road.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure these guys are ever gonna get out of town.

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